Most individuals around our community are facing unimaginable challenges, battling severe illnesses and diseases. They are faced with various predicaments, some are suffering from tumors such goiter, some are in pain due to a debilitating accident, and they have lost mobility. Despite it all these courageous people are fighting for their lives, hoping for a chance at a brighter future. Sadly for most of them, access to quality healthcare remains a major hindrance due to financial constraints. Hence on their behalf we aspire to raise funds with a target of 10000 usd  that will assist 20 patients to undergo surgeries and access other medical services but at the same time we will support  few individuals who are in dire need of getting prosthetic legs so as they could resume on their daily activities with the aim of eradicating poverty in their families.  We believe that a little bit from all of us goes a long way, every donation no matter how small will contribute to us achieving our goal. All your donations will go towards financing treatment for these sick patients.